Mary Lou

Love & Sex
Musik, Tanz, Theater
| 150 min
Hebrew (Israel)
| German

A tribute to Israels Lady Gaga of the 70s, Svika Pick, and a gay drama about love. Do you love musicals, featherboas and lots of glitter? Then lucky you, with this film. "Do you love musicals, featherboas and lots of glitter? then lucky you, MARY LOU could become a favorite addition to your movie collection. There is a lot to like about this mercilessly kitschy story." (Aviva) Acclaimed Israeli director Eytan Fox brings to life a modern fable with a catchy musical message and a story based on the songs of Israeli pop legend Svika Pick. Meir, a young man whose glamorous mother mysteriously disappears, searches for her in Tel Aviv. He learns about love with the help of the gay community and Israeli pop music while performing as a drag queen named Mary Lou. "For those who prefer their impossible dreams done up light and frothy, MARY LOU is highly recommended." (S. James Wegg for the Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film and Video Festival)