| 98 min
| English

A magical film about the mysteries of childhood and a 1000-year-old custom: In the village of MANSFELD, the ritual banishment of the old by the young takes place every year. Tom, Sebastian and Paul are children from very different families. They live in a small village in Mansfelder Land, an area marked by the decline of mining. However, an archaic custom has remained over the centuries and the three boys play a crucial role in it. For director Mario Schneider, MANSFELD, after HELBRA, and HEINZ UND FRED, represents the conclusion of his documentary trilogy about life in Mansfelder Land on the eastern edge of the Harz Mountains. "What distinguishes the film is the closeness that the director establishes with his protagonists and their families. The viewer becomes an intimate observer of everyday family life, entirely without voyeurism." (Kino Zeit)