Mann im Spagat: Pace, Cowboy, Pace

| 89 min
| English

Timo Jacobs' (KLAPPE COWBOY!) delightfully absurd Berlin comedy about bicycle couriers, esotericism and saving the world boasts an impressive ensemble. Cowboy (Timo Jacobs) wants to fulfill his sick mother's heart's desire and applies for a grant from the Central Office for World Breath, for whose approval he must perform a top charitable feat. Cowboy therefore plans a charity bicycle rally with troubled participants, played by Meret Becker, Olli Schulz, Friedrich Liechtenstein, Claude-Oliver Rudolph and Rolf Zacher. Meanwhile, his opponents, above all the car courier from across the street, Tschick McQueen (Clemens Schick), sic the devil from Hermannplatz on him. "MANN IM SPAGAT is delightful if you like weird, absurd humor." (Scene Hamburg)