Mama Illegal

| 93 min
German (Germany) Russian
| German

The Austrian documentary about women from Moldavia who worked as cleaning ladies or nurses in Western Europe – without any papers or medical care. A film about the price of a dream. They give human traffickers all their savings and risk their lives on their journey to Western Europe: Aurica, Raia and Natasa, three mothers from a small Moldavian village. They turn their backs on their poor home in order to work as cleaning ladies or nurses in Austria or Italy. There, they lead an illegal life, with a tough job, without valid papers, protection and medical care, and are separated from their children and families. Every penny they can spare of their hard earned salary is sent home to their families. But they have to pay a high price for their desire for a better future. After a long period abroad, their children have grown up and their husbands are estranged. The women have never really integrated into the Western World and have to realize that their original country is no longer home.