Sci-Fi & Fantasy
| 83
| English

The near future: Public gatherings of any kind are banned for fear of terrorist attacks. Meetings with other people may only take place in virtual reality. In a world where concerts, schools, supermarkets, theaters and pubs no longer exist, Claire (Karoline Marie Reinke) works as a psychologist caring for survivors of terrorist attacks. One day, when she finds a ticket, an analog scrap of paper, on a patient, she breaks out of her life of isolation. Driven by the need for community, she plans a secret live concert in front of a physically present audience with her brother Aurel (Anton Spieker), a star trumpet player who has only performed in front of virtual audiences for years. For her plan to succed, she reaches out the hackers Ada (Sonja Dengler) und Maximus (Corbinian Deller).