Musik, Tanz, Theater
| 146 min
French (France) German

Franz Molnár’s famous play about a hapless carnival worker, was staged in 1963 at the Vienna Burgtheater with theater star Hans Moser in a supporting role. Franz Molnár’s popular small town tale of the skirt chasing carnie Liliom (Josef Meinrad). Julie (Inge Konradi) falls hopelessly in love with the charming Liliom, but their union drags her into poverty and unhappiness. Liliom fails as a family man, turns coldhearted out of despair and financial trouble drives him off the straight and narrow. The robbery that should have made him some easy money fails, and Liliom commits suicide. In heaven, he has to answer for his misdoings before God (played by Hans Moser in one of his few roles at the Burgtheater) and is allowed to return to Earth for one last day…