Let My People Go!

| 84 min
| German

In this French comedy, a gay Jewish postman is driven out of his Finnish paradise into the arms of the family matriarch (Carmen Maura). A mix of Woody Allen and Pedro Almodóvar. Ruben and his divine partner Teemu live a fairy tale life in a Finnish village, where the neighbors always smile, and cuddly morning sex is part of their daily routine. But the rosy idyll with lake view vanishes when a neighbour refuses a cash delivery and succumbs to a heart attack. When Ruben appears home with a small fortune, he is forced out the door by his mistrustful partner. Brokenhearted, the castaway flees into family exile in Paris, where life is anything but boring. "If Woody Allen and Pedro Almodóvar had made a comedy together at a young age - something like LET MY PEOPLE GO! would have been the result." (Verzaubert – Liebe Filme Festival)