The French Kissers

| 84 min
| English German

Over one million moviegoers in France alone lined up to see the movie: 14 year old Hervé and a friend want finally rock girls. Funny and hilarious romantic. Hervé (Vincent Lacoste) is a skirt-chasing 14-year-old boy struggling to contend with social awkwardness and the fact that he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Young women and girls don't respond favorably to him either. He suffers rejection after rejection until he draws some attention from his gorgeous and popular classmate Aurore (Alice Tremolieres). Suddenly, with Aurore at his side, Hervé lands in the middle of the most exclusive social circles, but finds himself surrounded by a series of wild and unruly characters. Meanwhile, he struggles to contend with the emotional ups and down of a young adolescent.