Leaving Baghdad

| 87
| English

Fact meets fiction in this road movie about Saddam Hussein's personal cameraman, who is forced to flee from Iraq to London. Offering insights into the regime's absurdity and brutality. Baghdad in the early 2000s: Passed from one smuggler to the next, Sadik traverses several countries, hoping to join his wife in London. He is haunted by scenes that he filmed in the course of his work and the disappearance of his own son. Director Koutaiba Al-Janabi weaves real footage from Saddam Hussein’s now accessible archive into footage shot by the fictional Sadik. LEAVING BAGHDAD provides a stunningly fresh take on the documentary form, mixing together a powerful character study of a man slipping into paranoia with a potent indictment on the trauma inflicted by Saddam Hussein’s reign. (Raindance Film Festival - Dean Bowman)