Latter Days

| 104

The autobiographically inspired comedy by C. Jay Cox won audience awards at the L. A. Outfest, the Philadelphia Int. Gay & Lesbian FF and the Toronto Inside Out Lesbian and Gay FF. Aaron is a young Mormon missionary, a so-called' Elder' who wants to make his family and his church proud. Christian, on the other hand, is a superficial West-Hollywood waiter and full-time party-goer, who who only has the next night's adventures in his head. After Aaron and three other missionaries meet Christian, Aaron makes a bet with his roommate that he can seduce one of the four young men. He chooses Aaron, who is more fond of the rambunctious Chris than he wants to admit. "The gay romantic melodrama LATTER DAYS draws on an unconscionable number of conventions, but works in the end because of its commitment to its characters and a handful of fine performances." (NY Times)