La Reina del Condon

Love & Sex
| 76 min
| English French Spanish German (Germany)

A documentary film portrait about Monika Krause, a German student who falls in love with a Cuban captain and follows him to the Caribbean. Knowing little about sex she becomes the official sex educator of Castro's revolution. A film about strong female activists, stubborn machos and Caribbean love life. Soon after the Cuban revolution Monika Krause, a citizen of the GDR, falls in love with Jesús Jimenez, a Cuban captain who has come to Rostock to pick up a freight ship. The 20-year-old student follows her captain to Cuba and, once there, soon starts to mix in the highest circles of the revolution. She becomes Fidel Castro's translator. A few years later she gains nationwide fame in her capacity as state sex educator with a radio and TV program of her own.