Kohlhaas or the Proportionality of Means

| 92 min
| English (United States)

This comical satire on the movie business and its pitfalls is a very modern interpretation of a German literature classic, Heinrich von Kleist’s “Michael Kohlhaas”. A low-budget production which has already earned cult status, KOHLHAAS tells of creativity, vanities, and the wonders - and pitfalls - of filmmaking. An outstanding cast, including Robert Gwisdek, Thorsten Merten, Heiko Pinkowski or Michael Fuith animate this comedy about a botched film shoot. The director (Robert Gwisdek) wants to film Heinrich von Kleist's classic novella and great battle epic "Michael Kohlhaas". But when the money dries up, half the crew flees. Fighting spirit and imagination turn oxen into horses, turn ruins into castles and transforms local villagers into actors... "Such a wonderful homage to the world of movie making has rarely been seen!" (Märkische Oderzeitung)