Sounds From the Fog

| 89

SOUNDS FROM THE FOG chronicles the odyssey of a gay musician in Nazi Germany. With his acclaimed documentary, director Klaus Stanjek uncovers the true story of his uncle, a much employed musician in 1930s Germany who, unbeknownst to his family, was persecuted and imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp because of his bisexuality. “An important film.” (Knut Elstermann, radioeins) Director Klaus Stanjek's cheerful Uncle Willi Beckmann lived with his family when he wasn't touring as a musician across Germany. Only when Willi turned 90 did his nephew Klaus Stanjek detect what his whole family had hidden - that Uncle Willi has spent eight years in Nazi camps and that he was gay. In a radical personal approach, veteran filmmaker Stanjek follows the complex turns that his family takes.