Kiss Me Before It Blows Up

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In her feature film debut, Shirel Peleg succeeds in making prejudices, clichés and resentments between Germans and Israelis clash in a humoristic and respectful way. The lively grandmother Berta and her granddaughter Shira like to argue about love and what women are allowed to do. Especially when their beloved granddaughter wants to marry Maria, a German, of all people. For Berta, a German-Israeli marriage is an impossibility. When Maria's family from Germany meets the Mischpoke in Jerusalem, the chaos is perfect. The families agree on only one thing: the wedding must be planned! "[Peleg's] good knowledge of both cultures is evident in her loving character sketches. Add to that the details of craftsmanship and "Kiss me Kosher" is an absolutely successful debut." (RBB Culture)