Keep Frozen

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Icelandic (Iceland)
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The Icelandic artist Hulda Ros Gudnadottir, has created a very powerful documentary portrait about dock workers and structural changes in the old port of Reykjavik. On a cold winter night a factory trawler enters the old harbor of Reykjavík. On board are 20,000 boxes of frozen fish, each weighing 25 kg. The temperature in the freezing compartment is -35C°. A group of men has only 48 hours to empty the ship before it heads back out to sea. This is a job for toughest of the tough. Making one mistake may cost thousands of EUROs, a limb, or a life. While they do the impossible, we hear stories about the lives these men lead. Her film was nominated for the EU film award "Healthy Workplaces" at DOK Leipzig.