Jimmy Rivière

| 86 min
| English German

Jimmy Rivière is a bright, young Romani man. Under pressure from his church, he converts to Pentecostalism and gives up his passions: Thai boxing and his girlfriend Sonia. But how can he refuse the new fight that his trainer Gina has scheduled for him? And how can he resist the strong desire that binds him to Sonia? Jimmy Rivière wants to find his place in his community but he is caught between temptation and salvation. For the screenplay, Teddy Lussi-Modeste collaborated with Rebecca Zlotowski, director of DEAR PRUDENCE. Director Teddy Lussi-Modeste combines universal statements about life with an authenticity that only a member of the community he portrays can achieve: "With honesty, sincerity and realism, the director takes us into his community, showing its faces, rites and voices." (Film FR)