Insurance Man

| 79 min

The rise and fall of the dazzling entrepreneur Mehmet Göker, who operated an insurance empire with megalomaniac pomp, grotesque rituals and questionable business practices. From small-time insurance broker to head of the second largest private health insurance company: Mehmet Göker lives life in the fast lane. He runs his company, MEG, like an emperor and his employees are nurtured as disciples. Those who heed his words and are successful get rewarded; all the others are excluded. In 2009, however, the distribution system of the Göker brand falls apart – some employees have been embezzling funds. The market value of the company hits rock bottom in no time. Göker is broke and flees to the Aegean. Documentary filmmaker Klaus Stern has always had a soft spot for megalomaniac characters and so has the right touch for this unforgiving and at the same time open-minded portrait of an autocratic social climber. (Matthias Leitner)