Musik, Tanz, Theater
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
| 91
| English (United States) French (France)

In her debut film, the enigmatic coming of age drama SPIDERWEBHOUSE, young director Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt unites unknown young talent with star German actors like Sylvie Testud. Jonas is already head of the family at just 12 years of age. He has been helping his two younger siblings and supporting his mother, Sabine, since his father left. Sabine is very loving towards her children but she often loses her patience and disappears into her room for the day. Mysterious demons drive her to spend a weekend away to relax in the "sunny valley". But the weekend grows into weeks in which the three children hear nothing from their mother. Food and money have long since run out, the house has become more and more like a haunted castle: a spiderweb house.