Idioten der Familie

| 102

An intense and sensitive family drama about Ginnie, a young woman with a mental health disability, and her four siblings - supported by a first-rate cast. Heli has been taking care of her sister Ginnie for a long time. Now Heli wants to start a new life and pursue an artistic career. To this end, Ginnie will need to be placed in a home - even her three self-centered brothers Bruno, Tommie and Frederik, who have never been any help to Heli, agree this is the best thing for Ginnie. But before that, the brothers come to visit the idyllic cottage on the outskirts of Berlin to spend time with their little sister. "In impressive family film, director Michael Klier has succeeded in creating a work that is sincere and unsparing, but at the same time full of compassion for its characters." (Radio One)