I Do Adore (Ich Begehre)

| 76 min
| English

A man - tired, silent, and as transparent as a ghost - is driving a car. In an empty parking lot, a vagrant woman startles him from his sleep. She joins him on his journey. I DO ADORE is an experimental film full of mystery, poetic beauty, moving music, and raw energy that strives to create pure cinematic experience. Slowly the two strangers get closer to each other. There's a hold up, an assault, and the man finds himself abandoned in a deserted area. Alone, he stumbles into a bizarre, once civilized landscape and has a recollection of a ménage à trois involving another woman (Viviane Bartsch) and a man (Tamer Yigit). His odyssey slowly evolves into a nightmarish trip; his initial apathy twists into terror. This is the struggle against deterioration and the horrors of ones own psyche.