High Society

| 92 min
| English German

Alice, 20, lives in Normandy. She designs woolen handmade clothes. By chance, she meets Agnes, a rich Parisian lady who helps her reach a prestigious school of Applied Arts. Alice leaves everything behind to start a new life alone in Paris. There, she meets Antoine, the son of Agnes, and they soon fall passionately in love. Antoine finds in Alice a sincerity and a simplicity that free him from his bourgeois environment, while Alice enters the fascinating world of the high society. Here she finds herself in a multivalent liminal space between adolescence and adulthood, working class and upper class, fashion and high art, the provinces and Paris. "I can’t think of another movie that articulates the conflicts in its young heroine’s life as intelligently, consistently, and subtly as this one does, while eschewing snark or exaggeration." (Artforum)