Henner's Dream - The Biggest Tourism Project in Europe

| 93 min

Klaus Stern's documentary about the provincial mayor Henner Sattler and his dream of a pompous tourist resort was awarded the renowned Grimme Prize. Henner Sattler has a dream. The Christian Democratic mayor of the 17,000-strong community Hofgeismar in the economically little flourishing North Hessian province wants to build a fashionable tourist resort. The sleepy state property of Beberbeck with its neo-classical electoral castle is supposed to be transformed into a domain with five luxury hotels, hundreds of villas and a 34-acre artificial lake district, with an alleged creation of a thousand jobs. Director Klaus Stern has accompanied the years of planning of the supposed flagship project. However, despite the support by minister-president Koch, there is no progress to speak of. Sattler still holds on to his dream...