Musik, Tanz, Theater
| 195 min
German (Germany)

Thomas Bernhard’s scathing judgement of Austria. When a Jewish professor commits suicide, his bereaved brother takes the occasion to do a merciless analysis Austrian society. Vienna, March of 1988. A couple of days ago – on the 50th anniversary of Hitler’s invasion of Vienna – professor Josef Schuster, an immigrant who has just come back to Vienna after living in exile in England, has jumped out the window of his Vienna apartment on Heldenplatz. After the funeral, Anna and Olga, the daughters of the deceased professor, and Robert Schuster, his brother and fellow scientist, talk about him in the Volksgarten. Robert then takes the occasion to begin an impassioned and lucid diatribe against Austria – an analysis that spares neither Austrian politicians nor the church nor the its people. Meanwhile, the professor’s widow is still haunted by the ghosts of the past…