| 91 min
| German

The taciturn loner Kanzaki has developed a mysterious accupressure helmet that makes it possible to relive the most beautiful memories. The residents of a small Japanese town are thrilled with the invention, and the mayor hopes it will have a revitalizing effect on his lethargic community. But behind Kanzaki's helpful facade lies a dark secret. What was initially a light-hearted mix of genres becomes a "complex meditation on the nature of happiness and unhappiness, revenge and forgiveness." (Filmstarts) "Sabu is still reinventing himself. That's quite a feat after being more than 25 years in the business. HAPPINESS is a film that deserves to be celebrated. It's a unique film that thrives on mood, appears polished all the way through, and offers familiar themes in a novel and often surprising genre package." (Onderhond)