Goodnight Nobody

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Lin Yao in China, Mila in America, Fedir in Ukrainia and Jérémie in Burkina Faso share the same handicap: they can't sleep! A documentary about insomnia. Everyday people from four different continents share the same handicap - they can't sleep. With varying tactics, they resign themselves to the fact that they must be awake around the clock - without the calm of sleep. Their stories follow the rhythm of the night, like flickering dreams in calm, REM sleep. Jérémie in Burkina Faso is proud to be the city‘s only night watchman who never sleeps. Fedir in Ukrainia is a medical phenomenon: he has not slept in 20 years. Mila, in Arizona, cruises through empty suburbs looking for something to do. In Shanghai, Lin Yao‘s nights are like waking nightmares - she can‘t sleep because she studies so much. A hypnotic journey through the most beautiful of all film settings, the night.