| 109 min

Kristin hasn't spoken to her son David in two years, even though they both live under the same roof. She secretly establishes contact with him via an Internet forum. David (Nils Rovira-Muñoz) barricades himself in his room and categorically rejects any contact. Life in their shared three-room apartment has become a ghostly coexistence. Determined to put an end to the unbearable situation, single mother Kristin (Katja Riemann) sets out to find out the motives for David's rejecting behavior. By chance, she learns from an old friend of her son's that he is active in an Internet forum for kite-making. Kristin makes contact - incognito. "Moving, intense, also exciting drama." (Blickpunkt: Film) "Goliath96 is a cleverly told mother-son drama of a different kind." (Kino-Zeit)