Gare du Nord

| 119 min
| French English German

Four characters will meet, love and separate in Gare du Nord, one of the busiest train stations in Europe. Paris, Gare du Nord: anything comes by, even trains. We'd like to stay there, but we have to hurry. Like thousands of lives that cross there, Ismael, Mathilde, Sacha and Joan will meet there. Every day, Ishmael is dazzled, fascinated, exhausted by this place. It is on the train platform that he sees Mathilde for the first time. Little by little, they fall in love. They meet Sacha and Joan. Sacha is looking for his missing daughter. Joan spends her life in this station between Lille, London and Paris. The station is like a bubble that everyone goes through, French people, immigrants, travelers, ghosts. It's a crossroads where each life passes quickly and disappears.