| 77 min
| English (United States)

Frontalwatte is like running against a wall and falling softly. Franz, Adrian and Anastasia stumble through a world without consequences. Dramedy FRONTALWATTE- feature debut by Jakob Lass and as well as his graduating film from the HFF "Konrad Wolf" jumpstarted the German Mumblecore movement. With his brother, actor and director Tom (PAPA GOLD), Jakob Lass has developed a fresh, improvisation-based style, including his own manifesto, FOGMA. The Lass-Bros cosmos has also become a hot-bed of talent that has brought forth remarkable actors inclduing Franz Rogowski, Lana Cooper and Gol Euler. FRONTALWATTE paved the way for Lass' breakout success „Love Steaks“. Twentysomething Berliners Franz (Franz Rogowski, „Victoria“), Adrian and Anastasia stumble aimlessly through life. They kill time by going to apartment viewings and poetry slams, undergoing jaw surgery, taking triangle lessons,trying out incest. Their search for identity become a search for the best fitting persona.