For the Glory

| 75 min
| English German

Lukas Kroiss lives in a van, works for the professional fire department, loves reggae - and is the European champion in the full-contact sport K1. Daniel Szivos accompanied Kroiss for three years. From hundreds of hours of footage, Szivos focuses on Lukas Kroiss's athletic and personal life journey and motivation for choosing martial arts such as MMA, Thai boxing and K1. Kroiss received his martial arts training at, among others, the legendary Vienna FoxGym, which offers boxing, Krav Maga, Muay Thai and MMA. In addition to professionalism, the focus is on respect and tolerance, as well as learning responsibility. "You can simply accompany the life of an athlete." (Silvana Strieder in her podcast 'Unbeatably honest!', #73 The cinematic life of the K1 European Champion - Lukas Kroiss).