Football From Below - A Season with Genclikspor Recklinghausen

| 95
| English

The documentary gives an insight into the world of Genclikspor Recklinghausen, a migrant amateur soccer club in the south of the Ruhr area. The district in which Genclikspor is at home bears the well-known signs of an industrial city in and before change: vacant stores, aging buildings, abandoned industrial sites and residents with often migrant roots. Genclikspor is 'their' club, which stands not only for sports, but also for social cohesion, exchange and understanding between generations and people of different origins. And so the film focuses not only on sporting events, but also on (club) life away from the green pitch. It offers an insight into the world of amateur sports, the migrant community and the Ruhr region as a place with conflict potential and great opportunity at the same time.