Femme Brutal

Musik, Tanz, Theater
| 70 min
| English (United States)

The farewell show of queer performers at the Burlesque Brutal club in Vienna. The group stands for the emancipation of conventional gender images and puts on a humorous show. "The bosom is not exactly our simplest part of the body," observes one of the dancers. Nevertheless, this discursive documentary film by Liesa Kovacs and Nick Prokesch shows a lot of it: with and without the pasties typical of burlesque shows. Starting with their performances at the Club Burlesque Brutal in Wiener Brut, initiated by Katrina Daschner, seven performers reflect on the technologies they have developed in relation to the performance of the (naked) female body. "A stage. Eight artists. Eight bodies. Naked. What an entrance! What a performance! Glamorous, self-determined and radical." [queer striped.com]