FAR. The Story of a Journey around the World

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In the spring of 2013, Gwendolin and Patrick set ou on a journey around the world, with the aim of going so far to the east that they will return home from the west. From their hometown of Freiburg, the two set out on a five-year journey on foot, hitchhiking or by ship. The focus of the journey is always the direct contact to the people they have the privilege to get to know especially intensively through "hitchhiking". They travel through the Balkans to Moscow, through Central Asia, the Caucasus, which is hardly developed for tourism, and as far as Iran. Further through Pakistan, India, Nepal, the Karakorum Mountains, China and Mongolia. From Irkutsk in Siberia they travel to Central America, where the travel group is joined by son Bruno. "But above all, it gives them hope. It is exactly the right answer to mistrust, fear and xenophobia at this time". (SWR)