Family Albums

| 80 min
| English (United States)

FAMILY ALBUMS is a compilation of four short films set in the Arab world: EN TERRAIN INCONNU, HANDSOME GROOM, MY FATHER'S FACE BOOK and THE DINNER. Four filmmakers draw a sensitive portrait of the Arab world showing their daily lives in four different locations. The Arab World is a region in unrest. Today’s young generation of artists was born into conflicts which seem not to end and whose beginnings they don't remember. They are the children who carry the burden of exiles, traumas and lost hopes experienced by their parents. EN TERRAIN CONNU: In Kabylia, Nassim Amaouche digs with his father in the rubble of the family home bombed in 1957 searching for his father’s lost childhood or a new start between both men. MY FATHER’S FACEBOOK: Erige Sehiri also must rediscover his father.