| 91 min
| English (United States)

In the Berlin-Kreuzberg microcosm of a city neighborhood, honor, respect, betrayal and a suitcase full of money provoke great existentialist gestures - not excluding trauma or death. "In ALLTAG things are on the brink of exploding and the stakes are truly high (with none of bad movies pretenences). There's palpable risk in the air, just as in in Scorsese's Bronx." (WORLD) 'You don't get something for nothing' and 'Those who take risks, fall the furthers or rise the highest' are 2 of Veit's favorite mottos. And he decides that today will be unlike every other. Determined to go and never return, Veit has the girl of his dreams, a brother full of good intentions and a friend with a suitcase full of money.