| 84 min
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Two brothers investigate a Nazi massacre that happened in their home village shortly before the end of the war. Their search for answers, however, reveals very different "truths." On the night of May 2, 1945, less than a week before the end of the war, 228 Jewish forced laborers from Hungary were murdered in the small Austrian community of Hofamt Priel by perpetrators unknown to this day. There was never a trial. On site, only a small memorial stone commemorates the crime. As part of the oral history project, they interviewed eyewitnesses, relatives and neighbors whose memories of the massacre diverge greatly. "Two brothers, who themselves grew up in the village, embark on a search for clues that leaves one stunned, deeply touched and angry. Stunned by the horrific act, deeply touched by the stories of the survivors, and angry because the killers were never brought to justice." (Crossing Europe)