Ein Haufen Liebe

| 92

Whether at 19 or at 90, love is a strange game. For Esther (89), Anneliese (91), Ruth (83) and Ulla (71) a reason to explore love in their lives. In the past and in the present. In doing so, they confront themselves with the beautiful memories as well as the painful ones. Parallel to the creation of the movie a production of the theater group "Die Purpurfrauen" at the Landestheater Tübingen with the theme "Love" explores why one partnership succeeded, another failed. How does their life differ today from when they were young? Has there ever been the "right one" for them? EIN HAUFEN LIEBE is a compendium of memories and a kaleidoscope of the present in old age, characterized by its astonishing closeness to the women portrayed.