Easy Love

Love & Sex
| 88 min

They are between 25 and 45 and part of "Generation Y": creative, self-centered, hedonistic. Being the architect of one's own happiness is both a pleasure and a burden. Individualism and independence can also mean loneliness and disillusionment. But the thirst for adventure and the search for self-realization is unbroken. Their desire often leads them astray, sometimes to a therapist, but also to great love. The protagonists of the film are laywomen whose real personal situation provides the starting point for the film's plot. With them as co-writers, characters and constellations were developed that largely coincide with the reality of their lives. "In any case, love is not as "easy" as the film title suggests. Or is it? Tamer Jandali plunges into the emotions of his protagonists." (Kino Zeit).