Drei Eier im Glas

| 88 min
| English

Barney, once a sought-after model, now lives from stairlift advertising. By chance he meets the musician Michael, who offers "saxophone lessons for singles". Barney Schweinheimer (Dirk Stermann) has seen much better times. His only possessions after a 25-year career are a suitcase ready for the flea market and a saxophone. When he wants to pawn the latter, he ends up in the dusty music shop of the sad and alcoholic Michael Kiesel (Heinz Strunk), himself a gifted saxophonist who is under the thumb of his father, a general caretaker. He is in longing and unrequited love with Heidrun Fröhlich (Ursula Strauss), leading actress of the series "Verliebt in eine Leiche".