Heavy Girls

| 75

The feature debut of Axel Ranisch, then a film student. With a production budget of 517 Euros and a wealth of ideas and imagination, the film initiated the German Mumblecore wave. Sven (Heiko Pinkowski) lives with his mother Edeltraut (Ruth Bickelhaupt), who is suffering from dementia. He shares his entire life, the apartment, even the bed with her. During the day he works at a bank. While he is at work, Daniel (Peter Trabner) comes to the apartment to look after Edeltraut. He takes her to hairdresser’s, goes for walks, shopping, and tidies up the apartment. But one day while Daniel is cleaning the windows, Edeltraut locks him out on the balcony and takes off. The two men go out looking for her. But what they find is not just Edeltraut, but also a tender fondness for one another, one which turns both of their lives upside down.