Diaries of a Flying Dog

| 75
| English (United States)

DIARIES OF A FLYING DOG by Bassem Fayad is both a documentary film and an attempt at self-therapy for the Lebanese director and his dog 'Zen'. Both of them, like Fayad's mother, suffer from obessive compulsive disorder. The film deals with the use of fear in Lebanese society in educating children, as well as the omnipresence of the (continuous) civil war. By following the director's efforts to reappraise his family history and deal with his fears and phobias and those of his dog, the film reveals a society that systematically adopts fear as an educational approach and produces generations that are forever preparing for war. "The war that has accompanied him since his birth returns once again. What is it like to live in a country in a constantly state of instability - perhaps especially in a privileged, reflective environment like that of the director himself? Ironically, humorously and relentlessly, Bassem Fayad succeeds in creating a grippingly analytical self-portrait - very specific and universal at the same time." (Julia Teichmann - DOKFest Munich)