Diane Has the Right Shape

| 83
| English German

In this unconventional dramedy, Diane (Clotilde Hesme - Lupin, The Returned) carries the child of her homosexual friends Thomas and Jacques as a surrogate mother. With no real job or plans beyond waiting to give birth, Diane hangs around the isolated country house of her grandparents, which she decides to fix up in her free time. When an electrician named Fabrizio swings by to make some repairs, the two quickly fall for one another, though their affair is soon complicated by Diane’s situation — especially the fact that her body seems to be as much the property of Thomas and Jacques as it is her own. "A promising feature debut from writer-director Fabien Gorgeart, who teams up with star Coltilde Hesme for a well-observed portrait of a woman embarking on a new romance while also having a baby." (hollywoodreporter.com)