Der Theatermacher

Musik, Tanz, Theater
| 140 min
German (Germany)

Claus Peymann's stage production of Thomas Bernhard's play on Vienna Burgtheater is a mix of cynical bawdy and a dark art parable on the other. Mit Traugott Buhre und Kirsten Dene. The setting is the run-down theater in the inn “Black Deer” in Utzbach, an Austrian village of exactly 280 inhabitants. There, the former star actor Bruscon wants to stage his world comedy “The Wheel of History”, a precondition of which is supposed to be absolute darkness. But Bruscon and his troupe are no less pathetic than the dilapidated venue. His wife has a lung condition and won't stop coughing, his son Ferrucio is devoid of talent and daughter Sarah does not live up to Bruscon's expectations. Yet Bruscon's collaborators cannot escape his tyrannical nature and are subject to his diatribes about the senselessness of art, the depravity of the state, and the public's lack of understanding.