Der Stoff, aus dem Träume sind

| 76 min
| English

What inspires people to take the initiative and organize communal living for themselves? What ideals drive them and how does the financing work? On the basis of six self-managed residential buildings in Austria from 40 years, this documentary sets out to find answers. The pioneers of the cooperative living project in Graz-Raaba talk about their experimental ideals of the 1960s and about growing old in community. The most recent buildings, the housing project Vienna Nordbahnhof and the project willy*fred in Linz, show completely different models and social milieus. The film not only sheds light on the social and socio-economic demands of the projects, as well as their socio-political significance, but also provides insight into the everyday, small and large achievements, discussions and conflicts that life in the collective entails.