Der lange Weg ans Licht

| 100 min

"With a sense of the bizarre, renowned filmmaker Douglas Wolfsperger describes the everyday miracle of childbirth using the example of an East German midwife." ( Edeltraut Hertel brings children into the world. For nearly 20 years, the midwife has worked in her birthplace of Meerane, a sleepy little town near Chemnitz. In this Saxon province, removed from the focus of world publicity, a proxy war of various health policy representatives is raging. The film illuminates the problems of today's society, characterized by migration and a declining birth rate. As if in a microcosm under a burning glass, the opponents vie for the favor of the now rare offspring in the small town. "Impressive!" (ZDF, MONA LISA) "Loving, critical, political and funny - not only for expectant parents." (CINEMA)