The Boat God of the Lakeside Sports Club

| 82 min

In THE BOAT GOD OF THE LAKESIDE SPORTS CLUB, Robert Bramkamp boldly links the most banal Brandenburg present with the mythical depth of the Sumerian Gilgamesh myth. As part of a job creation scheme, the central character Enki (played by Steffen Scheumann) works as a handyman at Wendisch-Rietz lakeside sports club. The voice over, however, insists that we grasp the most everyday activities (such as painting bricks, rowing competitions, standing around on the jetty) as mythical events and Herr Enkert as Enkidu. Which, due to the vastly diverging conceptions, is funny – as funny as Bramkamp’s films – although not always visible at first glance – fundamentally are. (Ekkehard Knörer for taz)