Der Bockerer

| 100 min
German (Germany)

In this Austrian drama, Karl Merkatz, a butcher navigates the Nazi years in Austria in his own, rebellious way. He follows his own personal path of passive resistance. Karl Bockerer is a butcher in a Vienna suburb. He witnesses how the German “Reich” begins to influence his life - for the worse. His son is fascinated with the shining boots and the uniforms of the Nazis. His wife loves to go to the exciting Nazi rallies. But then his gambling partner has to flee Vienna precipitately. Neighbors start reporting other neighbors. The “One Thousand Year Reich” also dominates the Vienna suburbs. But DER BOCKERER is an individualist, a non-conformist whose wildcards are high intelligence and acerbic humor. Mischievously, yet in all ernest, he follows his route of passive resistance – with a weapon called mockery.