The Albanian

Love & Sex
| 103
Albanian (Albania)
| German (Germany)

A drama about the journey of an immigrant from Europe's poorest country, Albania, to its richest, Germany. An engaging film that poses questions regarding Europe's humanity. Albanian villager Arben wants to marry Etleva, daughter of a neighboring clan. He and his father work in neighboring Greece to earn money for the marriage, but Arben is outbid and Etleva's father promises her to another man who offers 10,000 Euros. However, Etleva is carrying Arben's child. To avoid scandal, Arben must come up with 10,000 Euros within six months. Or else he will not only lose Etleva but her brothers will also take revenge for the dishonor he has brought their family. His resources limited in Albania, Arben undertakes the strenuous journey to Europe's Eldorado: Berlin.