Das Orgien Mysterien Theater, 122. Aktion

Musik, Tanz, Theater
| 210 min
German (Germany)

Staged by performance artist Hermann Nitsch at the Burgtheater in Vienna in 2005. It was the first performance by Nitsch at a full-time theater – a big success. "The theater of the Hermann Nitsch can take place anywhere, even at the Burgtheater. And so we went it and he with us - concepts were born and some discarded. In many ways, being in a theater was a blessing, in others a challenge. Everything was made and invented specially for the production and this space, yet it remained what it was supposed to be: a typical work of performance art by Nitsch. The event itself, staged in front of 1,300 people who witnessed and perceived the Burgtheater in a new light, has written theater history. For eight hours, the spectators went through a school of emotions and a party of the spirit and the senses. This is how light, cheerful and full of joie de vivre the Burgtheater can be." (Klaus Bachler)