Dancing Alone

| 98 min
| German

In this autobiographical documentary, Biene Pilavci portrays her family life, which during childhood was often marked by violence at the hands of her parents. She deals with the question to what extent the hostility between her parents and the frequent outbreaks of violence influenced her and her four siblings. Although she had already distanced herself from her family at the age of 12, she comes to the realization in the course of her film that you can't go anywhere without taking your past with you. In her moving and very personal DFFB graduation film, Biene Pilavci gives us an intimate insight into the world of a complex family structure which is usually closed to us. "As the film progresses, it seems that DANCING ALONE was not planned at all, but more or less happened to the participants - an experiment with an open outcome. 'Whether it's good,' says the director, 'I dare to doubt, but it probably had to be.'" (DOKLeipzig)