Cyrano von Bergerac

Musik, Tanz, Theater
| 180
German (Germany)

Austrian Star Klaus Maria Brandauer plays Cyrano de Bergerac in this production of the Burgtheater in Vienna from the year 2000. Cyrano ends up helping his rival win Roxane's heart. Cyrano has been in love with his cousin Roxane ever since she was a teenager living in the French countryside. Now blossomed into a beautiful woman, Roxane wants to meet Cyrano in Paris. He can hardly believe his fortune, for he has been punished by a nose as long as his sword (which, incidentally, he handles as skilfully as his pen). Roxane is in love as well – alas - with another man. She begs Cyrano to act as her go-between. Reluctantly, Cyrano agrees. Yet his rival, though very handsome, turns out to have little talent for conjuring beautiful words, which is something Roxane loves more than anything else. So, the two men make a deal.